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Garden Of Life

Health Interlink is an official UK distributor of Garden of Life products.

We stock a wide range of Garden of Life ranges including the Raw range, vitamins, proteins, health supplements and many more.

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Garden of Life

At Health Interlink, we are proud to be one of the only stockists of Garden of Life UK, with a total of 87 products in our range available to customers.

Consisting of a wide array of supplements that are designed to promote good health, Garden Of Life fully advocates the use of its organic product range to enhance both lifestyle and wellbeing and has been voted the number one USDA organic supplement brand in the natural products industry.

So, what makes Garden of Life such a valuable organic product to use?

  • No irradiation is used in the production of the supplements
  • Synthetic fertilisers are never used
  • No genetically modified organisms are present
  • Prohibited pesticides are never used
  • Antibiotics and growth hormones are never used during production

Garden of Life supplements contain unique formulations that are made from whole food concentrates and vitamins and minerals that work in harmony with the body to give it a boost; all products in the range are created using the perfect balance of science and nature and are developed to make your body function at its optimal best.

Not only does the absence of prohibited pesticides and synthetic fertilisers make the supplements better for the customer, but their production is also less harmful to the environment.

Garden of Life development based on personal experience

Garden of Life was founded in order to give people to the opportunity to optimise their health and reach their full potential; completely packed with natural goodness, the dietary supplements combine both natural ingredients with scientific knowledge in order to offer customers a premium product.

Founded by husband and wife duo Jordan and Nicki, Garden of Life was born after Jordan recovered from the life threatening illness Crohn’s disease. Jordan was left wheelchair bound and weighed a mere 104 pounds at the peak of his illness, with a doctor describing his case as the “worst case of Crohn’s” he had ever seen. Jordan was not expected to live.

After making a miraculous recovery, Jordan and Nicki became dedicated to promoting good health in other people and embarked on a journey to spread the word of their organic supplements that are designed solely to improve health. The team at Garden of Life constantly strive to be on the edge of innovation with their products and due to their personal experience, have a genuine commitment to delivering a second to none service and product to their customers.

All staff work together and bring their individual skillsets to one big mixing pot in order to create the finest premium supplements that they can; they constantly strive to achieve the company mission, which is to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives and constantly encourage the desire to be in good health.

We also stock similar products in Thorne Research ranges.

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