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Every sportsman and woman knows the importance of a comprehensively balanced diet to keep the body fuelled to ensure peak performance during training, competition and recovery.

Supplements are often used to help athletes train harder, compete better and recover more quickly. Incorporating top quality supplements into your fitness routine can go a long way to helping you to achieve your chosen goals.

Here at Health Interlink we only offer premium quality products that have been specifically designed to aid athletic performance training in the areas of speed, strength, endurance, conditioning and weight management. Each product has been specifically formulated to address a specific metabolic need with ingredients blended in specific quantities to maximise results.

Not just Whey Proteins either, we have these of course, but many athletes are lactose intolerant so we also have Goats Milk and Vegetable Based Proteins for those that need them or tolerate them better. Highest quality Omega 3,6, & 9 supplements that are the best of their type anywhere.

To vouch for the quality and effectiveness of our products we supply to a host of other Elite athletes and sporting individuals throughout Europe.

Browse or call today to discuss your requirements with our knowledgeable staff and see how you can give your fitness a boost.