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Inositol – Serena Coan BSc, DipION, MBANT.CNHC

Inositol is a type of sugar, naturally occurring in fruits, beans, grains and nuts. There are 9 inositol isomers, however the form found in this product is myo-inositol, one of the mostINCAP
abundant and frequently researched. Inositol is used to support normal hormone health, liver function and nerve function as it is found in all cell membranes. Inositol influences the hormone insulin, responsible for blood-sugar balance, playing a key role in the pathway for signaling insulin secretion. In addition to this, inositol influences the action of chemical messengers
serotonin and dopamine, which regulate mood, sleep, blood flow and cognition, among many other important roles. Inositol may become even more beneficial when combined with other
nutrients, such as folic acid, to support female health.

Inositol and female hormonal health
Inositol and mental health
Inositol and mental health conditions

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