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Lycosorb – Serena Coan BSc.DipION

LYCO60Lycosorb is a lycopene supplement extracted from non-GMO tomatoes, with one soft gel  containing the equivalent of two tomatoes. While lycopene can be found in processed tomato foods, the strength and quality is significantly lower, for example it would take 10 servings of tomato purée to obtain the same intake of one Lycosorb soft gel. Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant that has research showing health benefits ranging from heart to prostate health.3 Lycopene acts by protecting against oxidative damage to lipids (fats), proteins and DNA, meaning that they support the body against the damaging effects from exposure to toxins in the environment. Although lycopene’s primary effect is believed to be through the antioxidant properties it contains, there is evidence of other mechanisms in action. One of these mechanisms is increased activity of a liver metabolising enzyme, CYP450, therefore supporting phase one detoxification and expelling toxins from the body. 4


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