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Vitamin B12 Sublingual – Serena Coan BSc.DipION


Intensive Nutrition:  Vitamin B12 Sublingual

Vitamin B12 plays a number of roles in human biology, from energy to nerves and beyond. This vitamin is key for red blood cell formation, improving mood, supporting good bone health, boosting energy and promoting healthy nails, skin and hair. Vitamin B12 cannot be synthesised or stored in the body and for that reason we need to consume sources of it regularly to avoid deficiency. It is naturally found in animal produce, primarily meat and fish but also dairy and eggs and consequently it is a key supplement for those following a vegan diet or those who are reducing their animal produce intake. The benefit of taking B12 sublingually is that the nutrient is absorbed directly into the bloodstream without going through the gastrointestinal tract.


  1. B12 Factsheet 

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