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Ruth Stanley – Half way there!

I’m half way through my training programme, working towards my 3rd Dan exam on March 24th. It’s been massively time consuming and quite intense, but I’m really pleased with how it’s going.Ruth boxing

I needed to increase my boxing sessions, so I’m now kickboxing five times a week.  I need to build in as much cardio and strength work as possible into my exercise programme, so I’m also swimming twice a week, attending three cardio and weights workout classes a week and topping those off with one gym session where I can access a wider range of weights and resistance training equipment. Ideally the gym sessions should be three per week rather than one, but I’ve run out of hours in the day.

I’ve given up alcohol, and for the final four weeks of my training I’ll concentrate on changing my diet too.  At the moment I’ve still been enjoying the odd slice of cake!

Truth dumbbellsouch wood, my body is coping really well and I’m still injury free. Although I have started to wear a support on my knee during training. As expected with a known problem, that’s the first area that is twinging a bit. So by strapping it up I’m hoping it will see me through the next 4 weeks.

I have been very conscious of any aches and pains. An injury and time off training to rest it, would mean I won’t be ready to take the exam. I’ve had deep tissue sports massage on my calf when a muscle knot wouldn’t budge with the exercise roller. Very painful, but a quick fix and boxing resumed the following day. I think if I left it untreated, the knot would have developed into a more serious problem.

I’ve also had a BUPA health check during my training, where I was subjected to various tests, movements and measurements to give me a complete MOT. Thankfully everything is working as it should, and they have signed me off with a clean bill of health.  It was interesting to note that the levels of HDL cholesterol (good fats) in my blood were 2.35mmol/L and deemed “Your HDL cholesterol is excellent”.  When I explained the programme I was on, and the supplements I was taking as support for this I was told that the Omega Plus would have played a great part in achieving that result. So it’s something I will continue to take even after my exam (and back on the cake!).

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