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This Winter don’t fall prey to viral infections

Influenza causes epidemics of disease almost every winter, commonly known as flu it is caused by a virus entering through the eyes, nose or mouth and travelling down into the lungs.  Once in the airways the virus multiplies over and over again causing the first flusymptoms of flu i.e. runny nose, cough, sore throat.  The body’s defence system kicks in to try and overcome the virus and releases substances to fight it, this reaction causes problems elsewhere, such as fever, weakness, aching muscles and headache.

Boosting the immune system is your first line of defence to common bacterial and viral infections including influenza and colds.  Ensuring your immune system is prepared can greatly reduce the symptoms and affects of these viral and bacterial infections.

Start now to ensure your immune system is fully prepared by choosing from our range of high quality health supplements now available.

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